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Wordle and Creative Writing November 27, 2008

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Today we used a program called wordle to assess the quality of our character descriptions in literacy. Wordle is a program that makes ‘word clouds.’

We looked at a picture of a man looking over the edge of a cliff or well and wrote a 100 word description about him. We then used synchroneyes to look each others work and pasted it all into wordle.

We found out that most of us described the character using phrases like ‘he looked….’ Next time that we do this we are going to try and use much more powerful words to describe what we see.

I like what we did today because it was really intresting, we all wrote a story and on chat we all sent our story so it would appear on everyones.


One Response to “Wordle and Creative Writing”

  1. grace and laim Says:

    This is really good, i think it was really good.

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