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Exploring Google Earth November 8, 2008

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This afternoon we started to explore how we can use Google Earth to help us in school.

We started by looking at all the tools that you can use to fly around the planet looking at the earth from different views. We also discovered that you could see which parts of the earth were in darkness at any moment.

We then all looked for our own houses and discovered how to mark places that are important to us on the map.

It was great fun and we all enjoyed the session.



30 Responses to “Exploring Google Earth”

  1. Mark Says:

    It looks like you’ve been having a great time in Google Earth. It’s a fantastic tool, and it’s something that you can spend hours playing with.

    How many famous locations can you visit? Can you find somewhere mentioned in today’s news?

  2. I am really interested in this as Google has so many possibilities for learning! I’ll be joining the Google Teacher Academy later this month.

    It is always interesting to me when something takes root that replaces something else, such as cell phones instead of phones in your home.

    I wonder how you all think about Google maps and regular maps – and what is gained and what is lost when/if electronic maps become the normal way to find directions and information. Will you start using Google maps regularly do you think?

    — Ms. Livingston, who follows Mr. Kirkpatrick on Twitter

  3. Carol Rainbow Says:

    Wow – well done all of you! I love Google Earth. When I visited Egypt it was really good to have a look at the pyramids from from all angles, they are so big that you cannot see them when you are there! I also looked at the Grand Canyon, I have never been there but would love to go some time. Have you found places where you have been on holiday? That is interesting and makes you remember places!

  4. Stefan Says:

    Nice to see that you are using Google Earth in the classroom. To discover a program like Google Earth is very challenging. In The Netherlands we have a book called ‘Travel around the world in 80 clicks’. Every click is a worksheet to discover new places on our beautiful planet. Do you know

  5. This is great, my students love google earth too. It makes it feel that here in New Zealand we can be pretty close to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  6. Penny Says:

    My kids love Google earth — when we went on vacation this summer we took pictures of the cool places we went and added them to the map. It was a lot of fun. Maybe you can add pictures of places that you go.

  7. I don’t use it much at all because I forget about it. So thank you for reminding me what a wonderful tool it is. (Got here via @suewaters on Twitter)

  8. Jean-Luc R. Says:

    Hi, I am Jean-Luc (first name) and i live in Paris, France. Where is it on Google Earth?? Let’s find it! Nice you have all a collective blog for your classroom

  9. Sharon Betts Says:

    Google earth is one of my favorite applications. You can see if you can find me in Turner, ME. I also really like your laptops – what kind are they?

  10. Donna Thaggard Says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog articles. My students love using Google Earth,too. We love visiting places all over the earth without leaving our classroom.

  11. tamurray Says:

    What a great activity. My own students love Google Earth and are surprised at what you can see. I bet you will learn a lot about places you have not heard of before! You can find where I am from by finding Bridgeport, NY (which is near Syracuse). I live on the south shore of Oneida Lake. Good luck with your project.

  12. Scott KD9SR Says:

    Great use of Google Earth in the classroom!
    I’ve had a great time using it with Geocaching. Take a look at and see how you can mash it with google.


  13. Mrs Moodle Says:

    Hello to all of you. You seem to be having a great time with blogging/google earth and Wordle. I got my class to look at their homes in Google earth and they loved it. When I do my geography lessons I make some flyovers from our school to the other side of the world; it’s quite exciting. Thanks for reminding me about Wordle too – I must try that out with my pupils

  14. hvlach Says:

    Google Earth is a wonderful tool! As you gain responses across the world from people reading your blog, you can google their locations. I am in Bangkok, Thailand.
    It is really cool how you noticed the darkness is some locations and light in others, depending where in the world you are at. Science naturally ties right into this project as well!
    Great job, and thanks for sharing!
    -Heather Vlach
    International School Bangkok ( ) Check out how our school uses Google Earth on its home page!

  15. Jenny Says:

    Wow ! You are doing a good job. See if you can find New Zealand. ( That’s where I live ). To be specific, Pt. England Road, Glen Innes, Auckland, New Zealand– location of our school.

    Mrs. She.

  16. I am in love with Google Maps. I’ve used it for years on my PC and have discovered that it is also offered as a mobile app for Blackberry! I went on a field trip to Chicago, I’ll, USA this summer and used it exclusively! It has a built in GPS so as long as you have signal on your mobile you are not lost…

  17. Leigh Newton Says:

    Wonderful. It’s a lot of fun isn’t it? See if you can find me in Baku, Azerbaijan. I’m teaching a grade 5 class at The International School of Azerbaijan.

  18. David Truss Says:

    Hello from very far away!
    How far?
    You tell me, you can find my school here on Google maps: 49.244327, -122.855687

  19. Dai Barnes Says:

    Looks like you all did some grate work and had fun in your classroom and around the world.

    I went to Central Park in New York on Google Earth last weekend and I was really impressed that you can click into photographs and see all around you, then jump into the next photo. Why not have a go?

    I wonder if your teacher can record your google earth journey as a screencast video so we can have a look at where you went?

  20. Dai Barnes Says:

    And I apologise for my spelling mistakes *great. I should have read what I typed before posting.

  21. franblo Says:

    My students in Connecticut love Google Earth, too! We all love finding our houses and seeing what they look like from space. It’s fun to go back months later to see if the picture has altered – and sometimes it has! Enjoy!!

  22. Hello from Holly (also known as “Smiling 7” or Smilin7) Charlottesville, VA, USA. You might try to look up Monticello or the Blue Ridge Mountains.
    I agree that Google Earth is an amazing and fun tool
    Sometimes it’s fun to type in your name and see if there are any places in the world named after you (or how many there are!)!
    Stay curious,
    Happy exploring,

  23. Terrie Says:

    Hello, I live in Northam Western Australia. Have fun exploring the world locating everyone.

  24. courtney keogh Says:

    This was a good idea.

  25. paige Says:

    i didnt like doing this

  26. saskia Says:

    very good work on google earth

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