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The worlds greatest tightrope walker November 7, 2008

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This week as part of our Victorian project we have been finding out about Jean Blondin who walked across Niagra Falls 1857, however to make it more exciting he did it with his manager on his back!

We read all about Blondin and have practiced Reading out the final part of the story. Ben, Paige, Reece, Demi and Conner read out the story which we recorded.

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five


10 Responses to “The worlds greatest tightrope walker”

  1. Mr Sutton Says:

    I visited Niagara Falls a few years ago. At the top their is a viewing platform right next to the falls. You can also go down a tunnel into the rock behind the waterfall and there is a window into the falls (tip: take a waterproof coat). From here you can understand the real force of the water. I also got on a pleasure boat which sails very close to the bottom of the falls – very noisy from the force of the water crashing down. I conclude from this that Mr Blondin was completely nuts!

  2. loisath Says:

    I really enjoyed the audio section of this blog. What a great idea to include the extracts in small sections the way you have. It is a fascinating story.

  3. alice Says:

    i dont really like charles blondin because we are always talkin about him

  4. hanna Says:

    I liked charles blondin but they kept on talking about it and it started gettuing buring.

  5. paige Says:

    i really enjoyed doing charles blondin.

  6. Demi Says:

    This topic was fun espically when we found out what happened to his manager

  7. courtney keogh Says:

    jean blondin is a good subject.

  8. paige stapley Says:

    i liked learning about this and i dont know how people in our class found it boring..x

  9. lauren Says:

    I can’t believe that Charles Blondin carried his manager on his back while he was doing the tight rope.

  10. grace and laim Says:

    When year 4 went there we all thought it was so fun … 🙂

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