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Christmas Bonanza November 29, 2008

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This Friday was our Christmas Bonanza at school. Thanks to all the parents and friends of the school who came along to support us.

Stalls included:
Bottle stall
Toy stall
Tin stall
Guess the weight of the cake
Hot dog stall
Guess the name of the teddy
Decorate a cake
And….. Santa’s Grotto

Massive thanks to John our site manager for all his efforts making the hall and his house look spectacular!

Christmas is here!


Wordle and Creative Writing November 27, 2008

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Today we used a program called wordle to assess the quality of our character descriptions in literacy. Wordle is a program that makes ‘word clouds.’

We looked at a picture of a man looking over the edge of a cliff or well and wrote a 100 word description about him. We then used synchroneyes to look each others work and pasted it all into wordle.

We found out that most of us described the character using phrases like ‘he looked….’ Next time that we do this we are going to try and use much more powerful words to describe what we see.

I like what we did today because it was really intresting, we all wrote a story and on chat we all sent our story so it would appear on everyones.


Concept mapping in Science November 25, 2008

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Thomas D:
Today we tried to make a diagram on plants and it was really great I really enjoyed it.It was amazing what you can do on the computer if you try to. It was really good to learn about if you didn’t know about plants and it was really interesting to know.

MrKp: I really enjoyed working with this today it was called 2Simple (2connect)

It helped the children see the links between the different Science vocabulary that they need to be able to use. There’s a lot for them to learn. Deusa wrote this list to show you how much vocabulary there is just for plants!

Pollen, fruit, sepals, petals, style, stigma, pollination, germination, anchor, leaves, stem, pollen, root, carpel, seed, sunlight, dispersal, germination, fertilization, stamen, lifecycle, photosynthesis, reproduction, absorb, ovule(ovary)


Chatting allowed in class! November 21, 2008

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Today was a really exciting day in Year Six, not because of the Christmas Production rehearsal, but rather for a new way of working that we have tried.

Over the past few weeks we have been using a program called Synchroneyes in class. It let’s me as a teacher see what everyone is doing on their laptops, which is great. We can also share each other’s screens and all sorts of clever stuff.

Today we took another big step forward in the way that we learn. We used the ‘chat’ feature of Synchroneyes to collaborate together and share information that we found out about a famous Victorian explorer called David Livingstone.

It was a brilliant way of working which let us share loads of information really quickly. As they say “many hands make light work!”

All the children were so focused on the task we didn’t hear the playtime bell!
Well done everyone.



Learning Spanish November 18, 2008

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I think that Spanish is a great language to learn I think it is fun.   We play games and learn colours and numbers and we have Spanish every Tuesday in the afternoon and we have a laugh it is a great thing to learn.


Children In Need November 14, 2008

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Today we took part in a sponsored games morning and we helped other classes and the classes we helped were year one,two,three and four and our teacher is so kind he let us stay in our pe kits.

MrKp: I would just like to add that I was so impressed with the behaviour and helpfulness of Year Six, you really showed how kind and caring you all are when you helped with the younger children. Thank you for helping to make the day such a success!


More surveys November 11, 2008

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Not content with doing a litter survey, which is still ongoing, we’ve decided to try out some other surveys of our own. There were some brilliant ideas that we came up with.

So at the moment we’re investigating these areas / questions and graphing our results to see what is happening.

1. Do the number of displays that have pictures on them decrease the further up the school you get?

2. Have sports cars got progressively faster as the years have gone by?

3. Which drinks are the most popular at lunchtimes?

4. Which classes have the greatest amount of paper recycling and why?

5. Which type of football player is the most popular in each class, do strikers get all the glory?

The results should be pretty interesting!